To feel deep affection or sexual love for a Poem

being a deplorable corruption of Love Poem by Jennifer Maier perpetrated by the notorious philanderer Theodore Roué Bonhomme Esq.

My intellectual capacity wants to fuck with your intellectual capacity
and my ouvre is blue balls about your corpse.
My grey matter realises your bluestockinged foot
and ankle and thigh is the Mt. Never-rest
of sinewy erection. My temple built in awe
of your largest sexual organ; a suggestion of incest and anal rabbits.
And my love? My love pumps dog blood
through both of us. It tracks our arms
with deep wounds, first this way, then wherever we can find a vein.
The carcass hisses; the id blows its shrivelled horn.

One day soon we will discover you, be-jungled and spilling drinks.
The super-ego stood poised with its obfuscations;
the ego raised telescopic. The blood
will spiral around and around the plughole as they augur
what will never be, and carrion splatters like bull semen,
drowning your pink dawn with our fat tears.

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