Ministry of all talents

(a poem found in this Guardian article)

The prime minister, David Cameron,
invited Boris Johnson to attend
all wings of the party.

David Cameron
was given a rapturous reception by Tory MPs
when he addressed them in Westminster on Monday.
Cheering members banged their desks to welcome his success.
George Osbourne
has been given the additional title of first secretary of state.
Boris Johnson, the prime minister,
will be given a rapturous reception by Tory MPs.
The BBC was given warning that it faced a tough fight.
The prime minister is prepared for a fight with the BBC.

Cameron hopes to highlight his aim to lead the party
of aspiration and compassion.
Cameron hopes to highlight his aim to lead the party
of George Osbourne.

The prime minister
said he wanted the Conservatives to be seen as the real party of working people.
Cheering members banged their desks.
The prime minister
said the Tories needed to bring the UK together.
Thatcherite veteran MP John Whittingdale, culture secretary,
has described the £145.50 licence fee as “worse than poll tax”.

George Osborne hailed the “great sight”
of seeing Eurosceptic troublemaker Bill Cash “pledging undying loyalty”.
George Osbourne, the first secretary of state, said after the meeting:
“There was a very serious message.”
Boris Johnson will attend meetings of the political cabinet.