17 Totally Random Wedding Favours

Here’s my entry for this weeks #whimword comp!

Planning a wedding? Want to leave your guests with a truly unique memorial of the day? Here’s our list of 17 totally random wedding favours guaranteed to impress!

  1. Picture frame: Whatever they choose to put in their new picture frame it’ll always remind them of your special day!
  2. Bread: Help your guests sober up with a delicious ciabatta. Feeling thrifty? Economise and still raise smiles with a slice of Mighty White.
  3. Speakers: Keep the party rocking back at the hotel by gifting each guest a handy Bluetooth speaker.
  4. Bottle: This tops the value charts, just collect them up off tables or fish them out from the bin the behind the bar!
  5. Flowers: Ask your guests to help clear up by taking apart the table centre pieces.
  6. Glow stick: Because all the best wedding parties end up at a rave!
  7. Cookie jar: Note inside reads “Just add biscuits”.
  8. Newspaper: Can they spot anything interesting in the Announcements?
  9. Glass: What for them to drink out of and that.
  10. Seat belt: Safety first on that drive home!
  11. Bookmark: You don’t want your guests folding over the corners of their pages like plebs do you?
  12. Candle: And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind.
  13. Food: Maybe sweets, or like crisps or something? Did we already say bread?
  14. Stockings: Spice up the wedding night, and not just for the bride and groom.
  15. Tip ex: Already wondering if you’ve made a mistake? This handy wedding favour will allow your guests to think of you every time they erase theirs.
  16. Teddies: You know, in the little bride and groom outfits…Sooo cute!
  17. Pencil: Because fuck it, it’s not their wedding is it?

[List conceived with the aid of http://www.randomlists.com]

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