For Every Year

For Every Year has the noble aim of producing ‘A story or poem or something else for every year since 1400.’ Some really great writers have got involved so far, producing a wide variety of work inspired by the events of over four hundred years worth of history. My own contribution, Various Grit, is in honour of Isaac Fischer Jr’s patent for a new process for producing sandpaper in 1834.

Definitely worth having a browse through some of the other work and maybe considering contributing your own work dedicated to a particular year (it’s being done chronologically, so if you love the nineteenth century it’s a good time to get involved!)



Health & Fitness for Busy People

The second in a series of fascinating blog posts based on this list of topic ideas.

Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard once said

Busy is a decision and presence is infinitely more rewarding than productivity. Don’t mistake the doing for the being.

To which I would only a add

And remember to stay hydrated.