25th March, 2010

I’m walking down the street talking to a friend when she comes up to me and tears my heart from out my chest.

I’m unsure how to respond, the situation is kind of awkward, I haven’t known this friend long and I can see that he’s rather uncomfortable as well.

I’m just about to say something, protest that she’s being too rash, when she abruptly about turns and walks away.

I restrain myself from chasing after her, my friend is still stood there and I’m worried what he’ll think of me.

An innocent man walks by, with a green coat and no dog, he gives no indication but I’m sure he knows.

I want to grab him by the collar, punch him, punch him in his stupid face until he’s bleeding and he’s lost all his teeth.

My friend suggests we stop for a coffee, I joke that I like mine like my women; strong and bitter.